Creating Purposeful Spaces: Art + Functionality for Highly Sensitive People

Creating Purposeful Spaces: Art + Functionality for Highly Sensitive People

  Are you at your best when your space is organized and aesthetically pleasing?   My sister used to make fun of me when we'd stay at hotels because before we could do anything or go anywhere or even sit down... I first needed to find the appropriate spaces for each piece of luggage, and then unpack certain things from my bag and put them where they would be used, whether in the bathroom or on the table.   In college, my friends would comment on the orderliness of my dorm room....

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Rise and shine, luminous one.


This is a place for you to discover and accept your truest, most brilliant self.


The Mighty Sensitive empowers highly sensitive individuals
to live by design, to practice guilt-free self-care,
and to enjoy healthy relationships.


We seek out sincere, emotionally-intelligent, and mutually-trustworthy relationships.  


We are lifelong learners who choose to grow from our weaknesses. We trust the Almighty Sensitive to continually transform us by the renewing of our minds. Because we are deeply loved by our Creator, we honor our special purpose of reflecting the trait of high sensitivity in this world. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun.


Have you ever felt misunderstood… rejected… left out… singled out… too intense… too deep… too quirky… too emotional… or just “too much” for the people around you?


Fellow HSP, you are not alone.


It’s normal to feel this way, and especially if you’re a highly sensitive person. HSPs make up about 20% of the population – so there are quite a few of us – but the majority are still unable to relate to us in many ways. Maybe you’ve gone through seasons where it’s tough to find anyone who really gets you.


You will be too much for some people.

Those aren’t your people.


Each one of us is a unique creation, to be sure. Diversity is important and enriching to our global community. But isn’t it also wonderfully life-giving when you discover another human who seems to think on the same wavelength as you? Someone who actually enjoys listening to what’s going on in your head… understands when you need the lights dimmed… or adds perspective to your already outside-the-box ideas?


As we come to accept our HSP trait and live out our unique purpose, we can offer strength, hope, and balance to a world in need of our unpretentious – yet vital – perspective.


I absolutely love this quote by Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person:

“We are the writers, historians, philosophers, judges, artists, researchers, theologians, therapists, teachers, parents, and plain conscious citizens. What we bring to any of these roles is a tendency to think about all the possible effects of an idea. Often we have to make ourselves unpopular by stopping the majority from rushing ahead. Thus, to perform our role well, we have to feel very good about ourselves. We have to ignore all the messages from the warriors that we are not as good as they are. The warriors have their bold style, which has its value. But we, too, have our style and our important contribution to make.”  


So settle in, make yourself at home, and relax. You can be your glorious HSP self here. You are among friends! Enjoy the camaraderie, be encouraged, and be sure to join us at The Mighty Sensitive on Facebook.

You Too?

You Too?

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The ONE Essential Oil Every HSP Needs

The ONE Essential Oil Every HSP Needs

I use quite a few essential oils, but there’s one that is EXCEPTIONALLY helpful for three common HSP problems: anxious thoughts, overarousal of my mind, and turning off my brain at night.

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