Reaching your physical and emotional wellness goals has never been easier!


To get rolling with essential oils, most people sign up with what we call the Premium Starter Kit. Starting with this extremely useful combination of oils and a diffuser gives you a 24% ONGOING MEMBER DISCOUNT on all Young Living oils and products, all the time! So if you need something else – BOOM. Discount. Easy-peasy.


It’s kind of like purchasing a discount membership at Sam’s Club or Costco…


You get the big discount. But instead of giving you a measly little membership card, Young Living gives you ACTUAL PRODUCTS when you sign up!


But first…



3 Secrets You MUST Know About Essential Oils Before You Jump In…



1) Before I started using Young Living oils, I had some store-bought “essential oils,” if you could call them that. I was shocked to learn that essential oils are regulated by the perfume industry, who says that for a company to label an essential oil “100% pure,” only 3-5% of the bottle needs to be filled with the actual oil. The rest of those bottles are simply filled with perfumes, carrier oils, synthetic fillers, or even water! This was disturbing…


2) Next, I learned that when an EO company slaps a label on a bottle, they often don’t even know what they’re bottling. Their plants are usually sourced from an unknown third party who uses harmful pesticides, and many times the oils are distilled by another third party who uses chemical solvents to distill the oil. So much for “100% Pure.”


3) Finally, there are hundreds of therapeutic compounds within an oil that enable it to produce healthy results in the human body. Most distilleries distill oils at a high heat for a short period of time just so they can pump out oils faster and increase production. In doing so, many or most of these compounds are lost! The result is an “oil” that might smell okay, but doesn’t do anything for our health.


I was floored.


After researching more to confirm all this and using my Young Living oils, I noticed that they smelled way better… AND they were actually producing results in our health. 


Needless to say, I dumped those store-bought “oils” and will never go back.



The Heart of the Company

This is why it’s so important to know your company. Young Living was founded by a person who realized all of the above, and took matters into his own hands to create the purest, most effective, well-preserved essential oils in the world. His essential oil research and techniques have become the standard.


As Young Living members, we can walk through the farms and distilleries and see for ourselves how the process works. They often plant their own seeds in soil that has never been touched by pesticides or chemicals (“better than organic”). We can even help with planting and harvesting if we want!


Young Living grows and cares for those plants until harvest-time, using essential oils as pesticides! They harvest at very specific times, when the plant compounds are at their peak, and distill the oils slowly, at a low temp, to preserve the compounds of each oil. They are meticulous about this, because during distillation, batches of oil are tested every 15 minutes. If the therapeutic compounds are missing, Young Living is required to throw out the whole batch and we can’t sell it.



Introducing… Your Toolbox for a Healthy, Vibrant Life!


Here’s the “toolbox” you get when you sign up as a wholesale discount member.


This is the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 12 of the most versatile essential oils, two pouches of Ningxia Red antioxidant juice, two rollerball tops, Thieves Cleaning Spray, Thieves Hand Sanitizer, literature, and a high-quality diffuser.


This is a steal of a deal and really the most cost effective way to get started with real oils. Essential oils that actually work are not cheap, and quality diffusers aren’t cheap, either. The contents of this kit bought individually would retail for over $400, but when you sign up with this kit as a whole, you can get it with the Desert Mist Diffuser (shown above) for only $165!! (The price of the kit depends on which diffuser you choose.)


The reason I love this kit so much is the oils in it are so MULTI-PURPOSE. For example, we use Frankincense on our chests for respiratory issues, diffuse it to balance emotions, AND as a spot treatment on our skin. Valor is a powerful agent for dealing with hyperactivity, promotes courage and confidence when you need them most, and supports musculoskeletal spinal alignment. Lavender is great for cuts, calms our nervous systems, and is amazing for seasonal reliefI hate spending money on stuff I’m not going to actually use. These oils get used frequently, because they work so well for so many things. 



In addition to the Premium Starter Kit, I like to add even more value for my new members!


Here’s the lowdown on ALL YOU GET as a Rise & Shine with Young Living member:


  • Premium Starter Kit (see the picture above).

    Exclusive Seed-to-Seal Commitment singles and blends included: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Valor, Raven, Digize, Thieves, Panaway, Citrus Fresh, Peace & Calming, and Stress Away.
    Also included: two pouches of Ningxia Red antioxidant juice, two rollerball tops, Thieves Cleaning Spray, Thieves Hand Sanitizer, literature, and a high-quality DIFFUSER of your choice!


  • 24% discount on ALL Young Living products FOREVER as an active member!***

    In addition to hundreds of essential oils, we have nontoxic, EO-infused nutritional supplements, household cleaners, skin care, oral care, animal care, fitness products, healthy snacks, mineral makeup, and more.


  • Access to our Essential Rewards Wellness Box program (optional).

    Earn points on everything you order to reach your wellness goals, then spend points on free products of your choice! Enjoy free oils with qualifying orders, reduced shipping, and money-saving kits.


  • Welcome gifts from me!

    – Which oil should you use, and how? I have a resource for you that makes it SIMPLE! And handy for when you’re on the go.

    – 50% OFF an Aroma Breakthrough Coaching session! As a Certified AFT Practitioner, I am trained in specialized essential oil techniques that enable the brain to release emotional blocks and empower clients to move forward in life with clarity and peace. I have experienced amazing results both personally and in coaching others. I can’t wait to see what Aroma Breakthrough does for you!


  • Rise & Shine private online oilers community.

    Share your experiences and learn from others as we make healthy choices together. Attend a local or online class. Get tips, a health scan, or one-on-one help. Feel confident about using your oils!


***Some people have asked me if members are required to sell anything, and the answer is… NEVER! Young Living is a very generous company. There IS an incredible (optional!) income opportunity with Young Living, however, so contact me if you’re curious.



How to Sign Up for the Premium Starter Kit and Wholesale Member Discount


  1. Use this sign-up form. “Member” should be checked, and the Enroller/Sponsor numbers should already be filled in for you (1603590 for both boxes).
  2. Fill out all your information.
  3. Create a Username, Password, an PIN. You will use these to log into your account and order. (Write them down, too! :))
  4. Select a Premium Starter Kit with your choice of diffuser.
  5. You may sign up to get the Essential Rewards Monthly Wellness Box Program at this time, or you can skip that and join later if desired. If you are serious about making a real change in your health, Essential Rewards is a great way to order something each month to swap out in your home. For example, I now order Young Living dish soap instead of buying dish soap at the store. Why? Because it’s nontoxic, smells amazing, and I get rewards points that I can use to get more products free!
  6. Agree to Terms & Conditions, and CONFIRM your order.
  7. Get ready to experience the life-changing benefits of essential oils!


Watch your email for a welcome from me! I want to send you a gift. Till then, I can’t wait to see you RISE and SHINE!


I've been waiting my whole life for easy, nontoxic solutions to some of my most discouraging problems.